"This is football heritage"

-Jose Mourinho

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Jack Grealish Instagram Story: Nathan Ake with Tits Mug

Proudly owned by Jack Grealish

As seen on Jack Grealish's Instagram story before being hastily deleted 😂

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Gary lineker once took us to task for not giving him big enough tits.

Follow us on Twitter. We were banned from Instagram because Zuckerberg is scared of juicy naturals.

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  • Bespoke bizarreness at its best

    This is one of the weirdest gifts I’ve ever bought anyone. But it’s brilliant!

    - Hannah

  • 10/10

    Can't believe I'm writing a review for a bloke who's drawn a picture of my old man with a pair of t*ts but here we are!
    - Sam

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    Customer service. Tits. Football. In that order.

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